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La Rochelle, Ile de Ré in videos
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"The Studio", flagship of this Web TV, is a weekly program hosted by Catherine Salez, allowing guests from the political, economic, sports or cultural world to present their point of view on a given subject in a format of twenty minutes, which is expandable if necessary.The frequency of the "Studio" is doubled in summer. This format is ideal for a didactic communication or to make known to the general public the various stakeholders of a territory.

< br> The formula pleases without a doubt. The freedom to access a program when you want it makes the final event a sports or cultural event can be seen up to 50,000 times.
The scrolling "imageFlow" allows to simultaneously present thirty videos for each themes.
The various reports and "Studio" can be consulted at any time thus constituting active archives.

The evolution of the economy, the competition(competitors), the development of the new technologies, the globalization, explain partially the blooming of partnerships, cooperations between companies.